The 100ft Long Toss Barrier Has Been Broken

On September 6, 2010, Mark Pryor of San Diego, CA made history by throwing the first ever 100ft bag toss cornhole three pointer. Afterwards, Mark had this to say: “Arm was a bit sore that day and I really didn’t think i was going to hit it. I was really just testing my set up with the two cameras. I had about 130 tosses at 100ft before I hit it. Definitely some luck involved but I practiced for a few days at 70 and 80ft. One day I hit 3 at 70ft in about 300 tosses. I figured it would take 300+ to hit 100ft. So 100ft is now the benchmark. We’ll see how long it lasts”. This record will be tracked and stored by Ultimate Long Toss (ULT) association.

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