Highlights from Bristol – NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

If you have never been to a NASCAR race you are missing out. We just got back from our trip to Bristol Motor Speedway where we saw over 40 teams battle it out IRWIN Tools Night Race Sprint Cup Series. There were about 160,000 people in the stadium surrounding a relatively small ½ mile oval track. The stands were steep which seems to amplify the noise that these cars produce. Crazy loud. Ear plugs are a must if you want your ear drums intact. The video below show some highlights of the race. Turn up the volume!

For those of you who think that NASCAR racing is just a bunch of cars going around a track taking one big left turn, you’re right. They went around 500 times. Dizzying at times. But, if you are a competitor, you realize there is a ton of strategy, skills, guts and luck involved. You throw in the shear power of these cars, drama from previous races and the possibility of a huge wreck, well, it makes for one hell of an experience. The scene around Bristol Motor Speedway was something else. I have never seen so many RV’s in one place. And there was a party at about every one of them. We ventured out to other campsites and there were bag toss sets at about every other one. We played in a tournament with about 20 other nearby campers and had a great time. Everyone there were super friendly and slightly buzzed. Bag Toss and NASCAR clearly go well together. Kind of like a cold beer and a bratwurst. I think I’ll go grill up a brat, crack a cold one, and throw down some bags right now. cheers!

Click here for the race results.

 Bristol Motor Speedway IRWIN Tools Night Race Sprint Cup Series

Bristol Motor Speedway IRWIN Tools Night Race Sprint Cup Series

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