Tossing Tip by Mark Pryor

There are several key elements to perfecting the cornhole toss. What separate the pros from causal players are the mechanics of the toss and the repeatability of those mechanics. Check out our video showing our preferred technique:

Most pros use a spin toss. Adding spin to the bag stabilizes it like a gyro. A spinning bag is more controllable and less likely to move around or “knuckle ball” in windy conditions. When we teach players how to throw the spin toss, it generally takes about 2-3 rounds to start hitting the board. After that, about 80% of those players never go back to their old style. Some players just can’t get the hang of it or feel pressured and want to go back to what they feel comfortable with. Our recommendation is to keep practicing until you get it.
Grip the bag with four fingers under the bag and the thumb on the top in the center. A good starting stance is with both feet together. Knees should be slightly bent and your body should have a slight lean over your throwing arm to allow your arm to swing straight without hitting your leg. Start by stepping forward towards the foul line with the foot opposite of your throwing arm. As you step forward, your arm swings backward. As your weight transfers to your forward foot, your arm will swing past your hip. Release the bag above your waistline and allow your arm and hand to finish at head level. As your arm swings, your wrist should rotate only slightly. Bag spin should really be achieved by your fingers at the top of the release. As the bag leaves your hand, your index and middle fingers stay contact to the bag a little longer generating spin. This is the finesse part that takes a lot of practice to master.
The flight of the bag should be an arc around 5ft-10ft. Any higher and you lose accuracy and you risk bouncing the bag off the board. Any lower and you risk sliding off the end. After you start getting the hang of the toss, your focus should remain on your target and not on the flight of the bag.
To minimize bounce, the bags should land at a slight angle and not flat. This will deaden the impact and the bags will stick much better. As you master this technique, you can spin the bags in a variety of orientations.

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